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ACH (Automated Clearing House) Payment Processing, ACH Payment Processing from Transact24

ACH Processing Benefits

ACH payment processing offers a wide range of benefits for businesses over alternative, non-electronic methods of payment, particularly paper checks, and are also typically far more cost effective to process than credit cards.

The benefits that ACH processing offers companies includes an increase likeliness of getting paid, being paid quicker, particularly for companies who are using ACH for processing recurring payments, such as loan repayments, monthly bills or other subscription-based product or service, all with transaction fees that are typically lower than many other forms of payment. There are also benefits for your customers when utilizing ACH payments, such as the increased convenience of them and safety of them when compared to other payment methods.

Besides their being a more cost-effective, efficient means of payment over paper-based checks, they can also help to expand your customer base, giving the 10 million consumers throughout the US who don’t have a credit card access to your products and services, which they otherwise wouldn’t have.

The main benefits of ACH payment processing include:

Increased Security

Around 9 million Americans suffer at the hands of identity thieves each year, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The leading cause of identity theft, according to the NACHA, is the ease with which financial information can potentially be obtained from paper-based checks, bank statements and credit card bills, all of which are more often than not disposed of by consumers without them taking proper measures to ensure the safety of their personal information before doing so.

ACH payments can help mitigate the risk of identity theft that can be associated with paper checks. This is due to the fact that all transactions occur both automatically and electronically, significantly reducing the number of individuals who are able to access the personal or financial information of your customers. ACH transactions also can’t be lost in the mail, stolen or misplaced, as paper-based checks can, further reducing the range of problems that could potentially delay the successful processing of a check.

Better Access to Funds

Unlike paper-based checks which can often take as long as 5 business days to clear before they are accessible when deposited into a bank account, funds that are processed as ACH payments can be accessible to account holders considerably faster, without these delays.

More Convenience

With ACH, it’s only necessary to obtain authorization once, before processing the first transaction, to setup a recurring payment as NACHA’s rules don’t require further authorization. This is especially true when it comes to direct deposit payroll checks, as crediting these directly to your employee’s accounts will be far more convenient for them as there will be no need for them to physically pick up their check or go to the bank to deposit or cash it. In cases like this, ACH payments will also remove the need for any special arrangements to be made in order to pay employees who are on leave, away from the office or working from a location other than their usual place of work for extended periods of time.

Preferred Funding

All transactions are not equal. This is particularly true when it comes to ACH payments, as banks will tend to give priority to electronic checks over paper-based ones. This makes it far more likely that you’ll be paid, even if a customer doesn’t have enough funds to cover multiple payments that are being made from their account at the same time, as banks are far more likely to bounce paper checks than they are to decline an ACH payment in such a circumstance. This isn’t always the case, as it does depend on the bank, however it’s often more likely than not the case.

More Likely to Get Paid

ACH payments have a limited number of dispute reasons. These reasons are a transaction being for an amount different to what has be authorized or was processed before the date of authorization or before proper authorization was sought in the first place. This makes ACH payments more reliable as a means of recurrent billing than many other alternatives, such as credit or debit cards, typically settle faster, as banks then to release funds quicker with ACH payments than with other methods due to the lower rates of dispute and fraud of ACH payments.

Lower Transactional Costs

One of the main advantages of ACH payments are their lower processing costs when compared to alternative payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, which can carry fees somewhere between 1% and 4%. The reason for these reduced costs is that ACH payments are processed in batches, which works to keep transactional costs down.

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Learn more about the benefits of ACH payment processing from Transact24

If you’re interested in learning more about the full range of benefits that come with ACH processing from Transact24, how our solution works, and what it can do for you and your business, please get in contact with us.

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Getting started with ACH Processing from Transact24 is simple. Just drop us a line using our contact form and we’ll be in touch to get the ball rolling

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Getting started with ACH Processing from Transact24 is simple. Just drop us a line using our contact form and we’ll be in touch.


ACH Processing FAQ

ACH (Automated Clearing House) processing is a means of electronic payment method that allows for funds to be transferred between savings and checking accounts.

The ACH network processed $4.7 billion transaction in Q1 of 2015. Hundreds of thousands of companies process all manner of payments, including direct deposit payroll, insurance premiums, Federal government social security payments, loans, mortgages and utility bills via the ACH Network.

The ACH network has been around for over 40 years and has proven in this time to be an extremely reliable, safe, secure and private payment processing network. It was initially setup as a more convenient and cost-saving alternative to paper-based checks.

ACH processing works similarly to electronic checks (eChecks) however, where they differ is that an ACH payment transfers funds from one bank account to another, via debit or credit, which can be setup for recurrent billing, whereas an eCheck is limited to a one-time electronic payment method.

ACH processing is ideal for corporate companies that need recurring payments, such as monthly billing, memberships and other subscriptions. This makes it particularly beneficial as a payment method for numerous sectors, particularly healthcare, the public sector, financial institutions, utility providers and property management companies.

Yes, Transact24’s ACH processing solution supports WEB, PPD and TEL initiated transaction.

The period related to the settlement of funds is dictated by the various banks T24 has partnered with.

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