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Alipay 9 App Launches with P2P Transfers and Koubei Merchant Payments

Ant Financial have released the latest version of its Alipay app, for both iOS and Android devices, adding new tabs for friends and merchants that allow for peer-to-peer and Koubei payments and transactions. The app comes as of result of the $1bn USD joint venture between Ant Financial and Alibaba that was announced last month.

Alipay now have in excess of 400m active users, with 80% of those using Alipay via their mobile devices, according to a statement from Ant Financial.

“Merchants and Friends are the two new primary tabs featured in the Alipay app,” explained the company.

“The new functions aim to provide comprehensive local services, including recommendations and discount information, among users, while they can share their likes and messages with their friends.”

“The Merchants tab is the first entry access point for Koubei; users can locate their choices of restaurants and shops in the Merchants tab by their nearest locations and by recommendations. Restaurants and shops can promote their discounts and e-coupons to attract users.”

“Users can pay their bills and purchases with Alipay 9.0 using their own unique Alipay QR code or barcode, or they can pay by clicking into the restaurant information page. Over 130,000 restaurants and eateries across China accept Alipay as a payment option, which includes 5,000 KFC restaurants. Big supermarket chains including Carrefour, Ole and Walmart also accept Alipay at their checkout counters.”

“The Friends tab has many functions attached, including an instant money transfer button, allowing users to pay each other, and an IOU tab allowing users to keep track of friendly loans,” the company adds. “Alipay is now supporting utility bill payment in more than 380 cities in China and a variety of public services in more than 40 cities.”

Aipay 9.0 also provides cross-border payment services. Users can pay for local transportation cards, such as [in] Singapore, Thailand and Korea. Chinese tourists can also apply for tax refunds on Alipay 9.0.”