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Alipay announce partnership with Huawei to bring biometric mobile payments to China

Alipay, China’s leading only payment service, has announced that it has teamed up with mobile phone manufacturer Huawei to increase the security of their mobile application with fingerprinting technology.

Alipay Wallet, the company’s smartphone payment application that was relaunched last year, will be fully integrated into Huawei’s next smartphone, the Mate 7, which is to be the first phone from the company to come with biometric security features. 

In addition to the fingerprint reader, the phone also includes encryption and authentication software from Huawei, allowing users to safely store passwords and codes on their device, retrieving them using their fingerprint. 

The Mate 7 also provides “chip-level security”, which means that the users fingerprint is store on their device then encrypted, and can be accessed only by approved third-party applications through Huawei, effectively protecting the users biometric data and passwords. 

Alipay says that its partnership with Huawei will give it “a way to fast-track biometric payment technology in China.”