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Alipay Can Now Be Used at Shops and Restaurants in Macau

“This new service mainly targets the city’s souvenir shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries and restaurants…It is a service that basically targets small-amount transactions,” Zhang said after signing a strategic co-operation agreement with Chinese online payment giant Alipay.

“More and more tourists have Alipay Wallet installed in their mobile phones,” said Zhang.

“Starting from today, they can use their Alipay Wallet to shop at local souvenir shops and good restaurants.”

He further added that so far there were a few dozen of local merchants who had already applied to upgrade their Macau Pass card terminals to accept the new form of payment.

The agreement between Macau Pass and Alipay not only covers the upgrading of existing payment terminals, but also the launch of a new mobile-based payment service, that will allow Macau Pass holders to shop with their pass online with leading Chinese shopping portal TaoBao.

“It’s very possible in this year residents here can use Macau Pass to pay for other services of Alipay but now there are still some technical and clearance issues to be resolved,” said Zhang, in reference to the company’s upcoming mobile payment service.