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Co-Branded Prepaid Cards

Co-branded prepaid cards can be an effective way of getting a uniquely, branded card for your company or business, without having to commit to the same level of investment that a white label program would require.

We offer two options for co-branded prepaid card customisation. These options are 4th line embossing and hot foil overprint.

  •  4th Line Embossing

    This level of prepaid card customisation is the most basic that we offer. It allows you to include your company brand on the front of the card, located beneath the cardholder’s name. 4th line embossing is available for all of our prepaid cards and has a character limit of up to 21 characters, making it an ideal option for companies who wish to offer their customers a branded card without making the required level of investment for either a white label program or hot foil overprint.

  •  Hot Foil Overprint

    Hot foil overprinting is a co-branded card solution that allows for the addition of a high-quality, silver logo printed on the front of any of our existing card brands. This option provides you with a uniquely branded card at a substantially lower cost than a fully-customised white label prepaid card. With this customisation option, all overprinted card stock is held separately from general card stock, guaranteeing availability of your cards to make the management of their distribution easier.

Our Prepaid Card Brands

T24 Black Card

The T24 Black Card is the first international prepaid card to offer complementary standard Priority Pass membership directly connected to a VISA prepaid card. It gives cardholders access to over 600 airport lounges throughout the world, and is tailored specifically to high-net worth travellers with a high load limit of 50,000 USD and premium travel insurance.


  •  USD 50,000 load limit
  •  USD 6,000 daily ATM limit
  •  USD 20,000 daily spend limit
  •  Travel insurance, including medical coverage of up to 1,000,000 USD
  •  Priority Pass membership, giving access to VIP airport lounges worldwide

To learn more about T24 Black Card and its full list of features and benefits click here

T24 PayVault

The T24 PayVault prepaid card is a dedicated payment solution for companies who are looking to streamline their payroll management other systems, ranging from remunerating employees worldwide to paying commissions out to local sales staff.


  •  Reduces your need for cash
  •  Streamlines your payroll procedure
  •  Allows you to transfer funds cost effectively
  •  Payments are independent of the cardholder’s location

To learn more about T24 PayVault and its full list of features and benefits click here

T24 Blackshield

The T24 Blackshield prepaid card and membership programme that is tailored specifically for medical insurance companies, providing them with a means of effectively distributing claims to their members. Like the T24 Black Card, the T24 Blackshield card is also packaged with worldwide travel insurance.


  •  Enjoy a 20,000 USD limit
  •  Complimentary Worldwide Travel Insurance
  •  Emergency Medical Coverage of up to 5,000,000 USD
  •  Cancellation, Interruption & Delay of up to 10,000 USD
  •  Cover extended to include the cardholder’s spouse and dependent children

To learn more about T24 BlackShield and its full list of features and benefits click here

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