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Prepaid Petty Cash Cards

Most businesses will agree that petty cash is an indispensable tool in the daily operations of any company. From expediting an important document to fixing a broken printer, petty cash allows staff to make the timely, needed purchases that keep a business running smoothly. Regardless of whether one has various small expenses or needs to make one big purchase on the spot, a prepaid petty cash VISA card can be incredibly useful.

Utilising a petty cash prepaid card has the added advantage of making petty cash management and reconciliation easier—statements are available online and in real-time, and every purchase is conveniently itemised.

We also make it easy for employers to fund their petty cash disbursements using prepaid cards. Cards can be loaded remotely and the funds show up instantly, eliminating troublesome delays and missed opportunities. The nature of prepaid petty cash cards also makes it easy to manage employee overspending—only you or authorised personnel are able to fund the cards; therefore, preventing employees from spending more than intended. This function puts you in full control of petty cash spending.

Prepaid petty cash card benefits

  •  No longer required to keep cash in the office
  •  Reduces the cost of petty cash management
  •  Employees can easily and quickly make purchases online, over the phone, or in-person
  •  Multiple cards can be distributed throughout your company—this allows you to organise your expenses by department while also improving ease of access to petty cash when necessary
  •  Reconciliation of petty cash is straightforward with immediate access to itemised, online statements available instantly
  •  No lengthy credit application needed for prepaid petty cash cards
  •  No more trips back and forth to the bank—funds can be refilled remotely and instantaneously
  •  Worldwide access and acceptance makes prepaid petty cash cards ideal for business travel

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