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Prepaid Procurement Cards

Prepaid cards can be used as your primary payment method for all procurement processes. This is a perfect card-based payment solution for corporates, as it is capable of streamlining all purchases from telecommunications and office supplies to travel and entertainment. Prepaid procurement cards can be used for all products and services essential in the and long-term success of your business.

Using prepaid procurement cards is easy—they can be used at the same locations as traditional VISA cards, and can also be used to make purchases both online and in-store. And just like with debit cards, you are able to make cash withdrawals from ATMs. Better yet, unlike traditional debit and credit cards, prepaid procurement cards do not come with accompanying fees or interest.

An additional benefit of prepaid procurement cards is our online card management platform which can be used for streamlined management and expense reconciliation. This management portal provides online access to real-time, itemised statements, providing the utmost transparency in procurement spending.

Advantages of Prepaid Procurement Card

  •  Prepaid cards can be used for all kinds of purchasing, including online, phone, and on-site
  •  Utilise multiple cards throughout your company to manage your budget by department as well as facilitate wise spending
  •  Access itemised, online statements in real-time; reconcile quickly and unambiguously
  •  Prepaid procurement cards do not require any credit checks
  •  Efficient, ease-of-spending—cards can be reloaded instantly and remotely
  •  Prepaid procurement cards are perfect for business travel and accepted worldwide

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