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White Label Prepaid Card Solutions from Transact24

White Label Prepaid Cards

Our white label prepaid card solution has been designed to meet the needs of clients looking to launch their own card program, giving them an effective road to market for their own, branded prepaid card product. With our solution, having prior knowledge of operating a prepaid card program is not required, as the day-to-day management of your program will be taken care of by Transact24.

White label prepaid cards are suited to clients who have potentially larger revenue streams, giving them a fully-managed, flexible prepaid card program solutions.

Whether or not you require a white label program depends on you and your business needs. Considerations such as setup costs, time to market and card volumes all need to be taken into account when selecting which of our prepaid card solutions best meet your requirements.

We offer three options for prepaid card customisation. These options are; 4th line embossing, hot foil overprint and full white label card programs.

  •  4th Line Embossing

    This is the most basic level of prepaid card customisation that we offer. It allows you to include your company or brand on the front of the card, placed beneath the cardholders name. This option is available with all of our prepaid cards, can accommodate for up to 21 characters and is an ideal solution for companies who wish to brand their card without having to make the same level of investment required for a hot foil overprint of fully-customised white label programme.

  •  Hot Foil Overprint

    Hot foil overprint is a co-branded prepaid card solution, providing you with customisation through the addition of a high quality, silver logo printed over one of our existing card brands, giving you a uniquely branded card at a lower cost than a fully-branded white label program. With this option, all overprinted card stock is held separately to our general card stock which guarantees card availability, making it easier to plan and manage card distribution.

  •  White Label Card Program

    White label prepaid cards are suitable for clients who are seeking an effective road to market for their own, fully-branded card product. No previous background in operating a prepaid card programme is required, as all day-to-day management is offed by Transact24. This option caters for larger revenue streams as unlike our other solutions, it is the only one that provides flexible cardholder pricing. Along with pricing, all other aspects of a white label programme can be customised, with the exception of currency and load limits. Programme approval is required for a new white or private label prepaid card, this is sought from both the issuer and VISA, before it can be launched.

Key features of white label prepaid cards

  •  Automated application and card upgrade API
  •  Automated instant load functionality
  •  PCI Compliant
  •  Cloud hosting enabled
  •  Fully Documented API

What you get with our white label solution

  •  Prepaid Card

    Fully customised, branded prepaid card that works just like any credit/debit card, allowing for cardholders to make purchases online, in-store or over the phone, as well as to withdraw cash from ATMs

  •  Cardholder website

    Fully-branded, cardholder services website that is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices

  •  Marketing website

    Fully-branded, responsive marketing website for your prepaid card that compatible for users of both mobile devices and desktops

  •  Mobile Application

    Fully-branded, native cardholder services application that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices

  •  Multi-lingual support

    T24 cardholder services can be offered in multiple languages

  •  IVR/SMS Systems

    Card holder services are available through both interactive voice response (IVR) and SMS, both of which can be customised to your company or brand

Benefits of white label prepaid cards

  •  Brand Loyalty

    Prepaid cards come with their own unique identifies that can be utilised with loyalty or reward programs. This allows you to track cardholder spending with you and your partners, making loyalty schemes easier to manage and facilitate

  •  Brand Awareness

    Cards can be customised, giving them the look and feel of your company or brand. This gives you a unique, fully-branded prepaid card that can increase recognition and awareness of your brand when your cards are used

  •  Card Data

    Program owners have access to cardholder data, allowing you to break down spending by merchant class for marketing purposes, track spending with partners and identify cardholder trends

  •  Seamless Integration

    Our API offers a full-service suite of powerful integration options, allowing you to incorporate cardholder services into your existing applications and websites

  •  Custom Fee Profile

    The fees that cardholders are charged for using your cards, along with the revenue share you make on these fees as program owners, can be customised

  •  Time to Market

    It typically takes 3-4 months to bring a new white label prepaid card to market once the issuer has granted approval

Find out more about Transact24’s white label prepaid solutions

If you’re interested in white label prepaid solutions from Transact24 and would like to learn more about them and how they can benefit you and your business, please contact us and one of our sales representatives will be in touch to assist in providing you with all the information you need on our solutions.

You can contact us by phone, email or through the form provided on the contact us section of our website, which we aim to respond to your within 24-48 hours of receiving your enquiry.

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