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Richard Potgieter

Head of Credit Card Acquiring

Richard Potgieter

Richard is an entrepreneur by nature with broad exposure in international arenas.

In 1996, Richard started his formal career founding an IT business, which he rapidly grew and used as a base to start taking positions in other IT companies. The most notable of these was the position he took up in ITEX, which managed more than 30,000 card payment (‘POS’) terminals for one of the large South African banks.

Richard took a sabbatical from the IT industry in 2005 and bought into a defence manufacturer, Milkor, in 2006. The company performed very well under Richard’s management as CEO. He exited his executive position in 2009 to pursue other opportunities and interests, including investment into several manufacturing businesses.

In 2014, Richard joined Transact24 to head up the Credit Card Acquiring business unit.

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