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Virtual Prepaid Cards

Virtual prepaid cards are non-reloadable, non-rechargeable cards that work just like any other regular credit or debit card to make purchases online, by phone, or anywhere else a card purchase can be made without the need for a physical card.

By being able to preload virtual cards, you have better, more direct control over your businesses spending, making it easier to manage your company finances more efficiently. Virtual prepaid cards are accepted worldwide and can be issued in a number of major currencies.

How Virtual Prepaid Cards work

  •  Enable larger acceptance of Credit Cards to your business
  •  Combine the issuance of the card and acquiring with the same bank to secure transaction integrity.
  •  Instant issuing and immediate acquiring, cost effective and convenient.

What are the benefits of Virtual Prepaid Cards

  •  They’re MasterCard cards, working anywhere online or by phone where MasterCard is accepted
  •  There are no credit checks, allowing anyone to apply for a Virtual prepaid card irrespective of their credit history
  •  The cards are prepaid, meaning that only the amount loaded to the prepaid virtual MasterCard card can be spent, limiting the risk of fraud or theft
  •  As the cards are virtual, you can manage existing card numbers and request new ones from anywhere, using a PC or mobile device
  •  They use the latest industry security standards and technology to keep you and your money safe
  •  Loading virtual cards is instant, allowing you to spend loaded funds right away
  •  Converts to local currencies automatically when they’re used, wherever in the world

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